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Few works have shaken both journalistic fragile foundations when creating Souzousareta Geijutsuka by Yuri firmness . Few institutions have been shaken to such purposeful as this . At a time when the digital creation of avatars in social networks become so common , Yuri proposed to MAC an exhibition of a famous fictional Japanese photographer who reported the contract culture without even making a minimum internet search .

Literally exposed journalists wrote editorials for weeks resentful without realizing that the first time they exited the periphery critique of a work of art to become their own .

Between Fortaleza and Sao Paulo – which has just completed a Masters in Visual Arts , the artist developed other series of performative works that remind us of the political force of relating to the world .

Among the delicacy individual sentences on the white page that reframe the notion of time of writing, as in Ecdysis and their 4 actions Relations experiencing paradoxical movements of integration and dissociation in the bodies and spaces , Yuri now proposes a lecture in DC -intervention in several voices .